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stand-anne-blog2Samadhi Yoga Studio – 200 Hour Basic Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200-hour program is formatted as a 9 month training culminating in certification with Yoga Alliance as a yoga teacher.

Samadhi 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is registered with and approved by Yoga Alliance in compliance with their National Education Standards. Once completed the student may apply to Yoga Alliance for certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher.

This teacher training is for aspiring and experienced yoga teachers as well as students who are ready to move deeper into their own practices. In the program, you’ll be taught how to become a dynamic and intuitive yoga teacher. You will tap into your internal power and enliven your spirit. This training will give you the confidence to step into any class and guide the students through a strong physical, emotional, and spiritual journey.

At Samadhi Yoga Studio, we teach a vibrant, powerful, and open style of yoga. You will learn when to challenge students as well as when to soften the practice. The education includes how to teach a safe well-rounded class, how to access your inner voice and how to use touch to facilitate classes, You will learn to motivate, inspire and uplift your students, sharing the gift of yoga with the larger community.

The teacher training takes place during one weekend plus one Saturday per month from September through May. It is mandatory for graduation that you attend all sessions.

Additional requirements are to attend at least two classes at Samadhi per month (or a yoga alliance certified studio if you live more than 30 miles away), assisting specified teachers in their normally scheduled classes, selected readings and completion of written assignments given out during the nine months of instruction.

The training schedule is designed in such a way that you will have space for growth and time for integration of subjects covered. These are weekends that you will look forward to as in-town retreats for refueling, community & inspiration.

DATES for 2015 – 2016:

Month 1: September 11,12,13 and Sep 26
Month 2: October 9,10,11. and Oct 24
Month 3: November 6,7,8 and Nov 21
Month 4: December 5 and Dec 18,19,20
Month 5: January 8,9,10 and Jan 23
Month 6: February 5,6,7 and Feb 20
Month 7: March 4,5,6 and Mar 19
Month 8: April 1,2,3 and April 16
Month 9: April 29,30 and May 1

Standard Schedule:
Fridays 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Saturdays 12:30pm – 6:30pm
Sundays 11:30pm – 5:30pm

Total Cost $2500 WHEN PAID IN FULL BY JULY 15, 2015 — $2,300 …after making the initial $200 Deposit (Does not include unlimited yoga or state sales tax)
Total Cost $2600 WHEN PAID IN FULL BY September 11, 2015 — $2,400 …after making the initial $200 Deposit (Does not include unlimited yoga or state sales tax)
$2,900 YTT Payment Plan in place by September 11, 2015 …after making the initial $200 Deposit, the balance will be paid over the 8 months at a rate of $358.93 (includes tax)

**** ADD UNLIMITED YOGA FOR JUST $50/month during the program – 50% off cost of regular unlimited monthly membership.
The Non-refundable deposit and balance must be paid in full by end of training period. A $200 cancellation fee will be retained if cancellation requested after September 1st.


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