My Body Is a Temple

headstandThese days headstand comes easy. It used to not. It took me many years to figure it out.

Still-I hesitate to post this picture. The flaws-cellulite, a patch of psoriasis on my butt cheek, and dirty feet.

But I am most proud of my underwear-Corporeal-I had to fly across the country to claim them. Take my place in a group of badass writers and put words down on the page.

Claim my self. Just like headstand-Hard work, patience, and lots of falling on my ass.

A Poem by Me.

My body is a temple.

I don’t know if I believe that.

When I was 15, a boy said these words to me. This was during a time when I believed my body was for consumption.

Consumption meant I was worthy.

My body is a temple but only worthy if worth posessing. Fawn for me. Fight for me.

My body is a temple.

A building, a dwelling place, an object. House of god. House of worship. God worship.

Hey body, My body. Body temple. You are. God figure. Body you. Temple God, My body.

Fraction of light. Fissure. Fist-pump. Fat cell. Fallen arch.

Body temple, body, temple my body.

My body is a buliding, a dwelling place.

Dwell with me body.

Is the dweller and the places she calls holy separate?

My body is a temple.